ASTA™ Application Analytics Solution

It is an integrated package that provides application analysis (change impact analysis) and quality control process through application source code.

Improvement of development productivity
Significantly improve overall response and understanding

The Application Impact Analysis tool provides an overall solution for IT organizations to manage technical knowledge of enterprise IT assets (application/database) with only program source files and management information without complex installation or risk. The application of ASTA™, an application impact analysis solution based on advanced source code analysis technology developed with pure proprietary technology, can improve development productivity of IT organizations or departments and significantly improve overall response and understanding for accurate maintenance.

Program analysis comprehensive information

Program analysis comprehensive information is used as company-wide application standard management information to improve understanding of programs that make up applications and to share and communicate technical information among developers.

– Program Summary
– Program Flow
– Reference tree
– Table Usage Information
– Sequence Diagram
– Program change history, etc..

Object Analysis

This analysis information, which is constructed through the process of collecting database information (direct connection or Meti-Management linkage), is managed separately by schema (SHEMA), and the association of each object can be checked.Typical management objects are Table, Column, View, Index, Stored Procedure.
– DB Object Properties Information
– DB Object ⇔ DB Object Reference Relationship
– DB Object ⇔ Project Reference Relationship
– DB table change history, etc…

Document Automation

Automatically generate maintenance program specifications that used to be managed in manual form, reducing the burden of documentation for developers and maximizing their role as a specification by reflecting daily program changes.
– List of programs
– a program definition
– Table definition
– CALL / CRUD Matrix

Resource & String Search

Data can be searched based on information built through the process of collecting and analyzing program source code. The program can search by symbol, the database by object, and the string can also be searched using regular expressions.
– Searching for program resources
– Search program SQL
– Searching for program strings
– Searching for database resources
– Searching for database strings

Maintenance Performance Management

In conjunction with the configuration management system, it provides notification to affected program personnel at checkout and supports a change impact notification and action process focused on preventing operational deployment until personnel actions are completed.
– Feature Management System Interworking
– Change Impact Program Representative Notification (email/message)
– Process control functionality with relevant program personnel confirmation actions