Autocomplete Address Search

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Convenient address solutions for enterprises
Convenient autocomplete address search

As South Korea’s address system switched from traditional street addresses to street name addresses, searching and entering addresses became very inconvenient due to the increase in data volume. S9JSS solutions can eliminate these inconveniences, dramatically improving the efficiency of workflow and productivity of development.

The need for an address search feature

By applying a new paradigm, we’re able to avoid the uncomfortable
Solved the address search & entry problem once and for all!

A new paradigm of
Convenient address

Respond to a variety of unstructured search patterns from users Convenient autocomplete address search
Coordinate-based address search function and integration with map services using coordinates
Client/server engine architecture for large data volumes and multiple touchpoints
Service without additional equipment and expensive databases (cost savings)
Provide a convenient user interface
Automated monthly/daily address data updates reduce administrator effort and cost to zero
Select addresses instead of typing them in (eliminating the need for a separate address refinement solution – saving money)
Based on Java 8, runs on any server or OS