ITSM success factors

We will be a leader in Service Management Enterprise Solutions.

Key considerations for ITSM technology



A realistically viable
You should have a processin place.



To the point of deployment and production
I need a considered solution?



For ITSM to take hold
User change management?



As It’s Built
Stem quality is assured

Shouldn’t it be?



After this project, how can we strengthen integration when adding IT governance in the future?

Key considerations for ITSM technology

Building a successful system

1. select Products

– Workflow-Based ITSM Retention
– Have a package-based service level management engine
– Has a Flash-based Dashboard engine
– Have a localized web user UI
– Korea’s only built-in CMMI perspective application management function
IT Development Task Management / Labor (TimeSheet) Management / Development Scale (FP) Management

2. flexibility

– Add or change processes and metrics with drag-and-drop edits
– Not just measuring the defined metrics from a customer service perspective,
Multiple views to measure performance, even from a departmental or organizational perspective

3. Manpower

– ITSM brings in consultant specializing in IT Governance
– Largest ITSM consulting/implementation experience in Korea

4. scalability

– Free additional licenses as users grow
– Additional licenses are provided free of charge when increasing the number of outsourced systems

5. Effectiveness

– ITSM itself within the development center through technology transfer during the construction period

ITSM license for expansion of outsourced management system with operational capability Free

6. maintenance

– Prepare for rapid maintenance response Minimize maintenance costs