We will be a leader in Service Management Enterprise Solutions.

To address various current issues and requirements, we aim to provide “customer-centered, high-quality business services” by establishing a “standard management process” and introducing a system to systematically manage these “service tasks” to secure service competitiveness and improve quality based on a standard service process.

Cloud Computing ??

” Cloud computing refers to applications and their services that run on computers that are distributed across a network, virtualized, and then access the Internet and network environment.
It is a virtualized system where resources are shared, meaning that computing resources are available to users on demand,
It has the following advantages

What is the E-GENE™ Smart Center?

E-GENE™ Smart Center is a cloud-based business support system for schools, hospitals, factories, etc.
Integrated customer support system applicable to group business sites and sub-business units such as HR, Finance, and call centers.

Should BSC System be required in Business area and Campus?

As smart work becomes more commonplace in every organization, and the workplace changes, we need to be faster, more effective, and more efficient,
The need to build efficient customer support and work processes

To give your customers the best service experience in a faster-paced business environment, you need to be able to access the
Create a system based on an accessible cloud environment

The system should be easy to use and lightweight, with operational cost savings.
But it should be a more robust system compared to the existing one