e-gene™ service desk

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E-GENE™ Servicedesk for ITSM 2.5 is a web-based request management software that enables you to transform your IT operations management processes from a customer perspective. For businesses, it provides a basis for effective integration of customer service requests with processes within the computing organization, and for customers, it provides a means to monitor whether their requests are being handled appropriately, ultimately contributing to increased customer satisfaction.

The customer request process and the
Harmonize IT processes

Many organizations have been looking for ways to efficiently integrate and manage customer service requests with internal IT business processes. This is because the organic integration of service requests and internal IT business processes makes it possible to transform individual IT operational processes, which are often carried out in different departments, into unified, standardized ITIL processes from the user’s perspective.

E-GENE™ Servicedesk for ITSM 2.5 utilizes built-in templates for each service request type to help organizations build an effective, integrated service request management system.
This provides a foundation for rebuilding the diverse service requests that existed prior to standardization into a single, ITSM-standardized process in a short period of time.

In addition, the powerful service request integrated management function provides optimized functions for each stage of service request registration, receipt, processing, and completion, such as FAQ-based K-DB and transfer to other processes, and provides powerful support means to effectively handle various service requests with the minimum number of people by linking with processes such as fault management, problem management, and change management of the ITSM system already established for internal management.

The user request and the event's
Web-based integration management

Through the Event Integration Management APT provided by E-GENE™ Servicedesk for ITSM 2.5, organizations can effectively respond to information system risks that occur in the user environment at an early stage through the integrated management of service requests recognized by users and events detected by monitoring tools.

Service Request Management's
Provide transparency

With E-GENE™ Helpdesk for ITSM 2.5, users will be able to register user requests in a unified web environment and view the status of their registered service requests at any time.
This provides transparency into IT’s support activities for your requests, giving customers transparency into the status of their service requests.

In addition, the results of processing each service request can be automatically notified to users using short message (SMS), e-mail, etc. and provide a basis for effective execution of satisfaction evaluation and aggregation of service request processing performance by service request.

IT Performance Measurement and Services
Gain a foundation for level management

By accumulating and evaluating the history of service request processing, you can obtain basic data to objectively measure the performance of the IT organization and lay the foundation for continuous improvement activities.

E-GENE™ Helpdesk for ITSM 2.5 lays the foundation for moving to quantitative IT performance assessment and service level management
Quantify service requests and the performance of IT activities so that they can be measured and improved, ultimately contributing to the establishment of a quantitative data-based IT performance management system.

Get different perspectives on
Provide statistics and reports

You can easily generate reports on your organization’s service request execution performance in addition to basic statistics, such as handling performance by service request type, requesting organization, and agent provided by the system.

In addition, you can view daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly service request processing history statistics and convert reports to PDF or Excel files.

Key Features

  • Managing service requests
    – Registering and filing service requests
    – Handling service requests
    – Transferring 2nd/3rd Line Representatives
    – Close a service request
  • Manage Activity Diagrams View request processing steps and results
  • Get service request history
  • Manage service request satisfaction
  • FAQ-based K-DB

Maior Functions

  • ITSM system integration/transfer capabilities
    – Counseling Software Integration API
    – Automated ticket registration API
    – Failure/issue/change/release process escalation
    – Notification of processing results (e-mail, SMS link)
  • System Administration
  • Manage code, users, and permissions
  • Statistics and reports (Excel, PDF, etc.)