e-gene™ help desk

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E-GENE™ Helpdesk for ITSM 2.5 is a CTI-based customer support activity management software that enables IT Helpdesk to build best practice ITIL-based IT management processes and maximize the efficiency of IT Helpdesk work by integrating with STG’s E-GENE™ product line.

The heart of user support
StrategyPoint IT Helpdesk

Understanding Maximizing IT Helpdesk Work Productivity as a Strategic Key Point of Customer Support Activities requires an efficient IT Helpdesk Work Management System based on an understanding of IT technology and user support work.

E-GENE™ Helpdesk for ITSM 2.5 provides all the functions necessary for effective performance of IT Helpdesk’s consultation work, such as consultation work management, telephone work and collaboration support functions between agents using CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), K-DB, and comprehensive operation status inquiry.

IT Helpdesk
Comprehensive health monitoring

Summarize workload information to give you a bird’s eye view of the overall workload in your IT Helpdesk environment.
This determines the agent’s workload for incoming calls and allocates work efficiently.

CTI System Integration
Optimize commercial support

Service inquiries or requests received and processed via phone from users are effectively registered through the call business management function (outgoing, incoming, call transfer, three-way call, etc.) and consultation business management function developed in conjunction with CTI.
In addition, the results of processing each service request can be automatically notified to users using short message (SMS), e-mail, etc. and provide a basis for effective execution of satisfaction evaluation and aggregation of service request processing performance by service request.

IT Helpdesk agents can utilize K-DB consisting of topic-specific FAQs for effective consultation, and registered calls can be handled by themselves or transferred to the second or third line, such as other agents or managers, for efficient work processing.

Onsite IT Helpdesk
Improve workplace productivity

Being present is the best way to improve productivity at work. E-GENE™ Helpdesk for ITSM 2.5 provides messenger functions such as conversations, direct messages, and file transfers between agents to enable effective collaboration during consultation tasks within the IT Helpdesk, and the ability to easily share the status of agents such as log in/out, break, leave, vacation, training, and meals to enable effective communication progress between agents.

Customer Communications'

The ability to effectively communicate with customers in IT Helpdesk consultation contributes to improving customer satisfaction by enabling timely response to customer service requests.

E-GENE™ Helpdesk for ITSM 2.5 enables IT Helpdesk agents to effectively identify user information at the same time as the call is made, and for those cases that are not processed at the initial reception, the processing result can be easily notified to the user in connection with systems such as SMS and e-mail, and the user can respond to the customer satisfaction survey on the consultation result.

IT Hepldesk
Automate performance statistics

IT Helpdesk’s consultation performance can be easily generated as a report in the form required by the organization in addition to ups and down statistics such as consultation type provided by the system, requesting organization, and handling performance by agent.
In addition, you can view daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly consultation processing history statistics, and convert reports to PDF or Excel files.

Key Features

  • Manage call tasks
    Register, answer, and transfer calls to 2/3 lines
  • Manage phone tasks
    Dialing, hanging up, transferring, and three-way calling
  • Managing agent collaboration
    Agent-to-agent conversations, direct messages, file transfers, etc.
  • Managing agent status
    Logging in and out of agents, changing agent status (rest, transfer, training, meals, etc.)

Major Functions

  • Manage processing status
  • View processing status by agent/type/business system
  • Notification of processing results
  • Topic-specific FAQ-based K-DB
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Statistics and reports (Excel, PDF, etc.)
  • System Management
  • Code management Users and permissions