Autocomplete Address Search

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High-capacity, high-performance, high-feature general purpose for enterprise
Autocomplete Engine

It’s not just a simple auto-complete engine or a pattern created with LIKE in a database, but a professional auto-complete engine with high performance and various functions to increase efficiency and convenience in your work and increase customer satisfaction. It’s a very lightweight engine that puts very little load on existing systems or DBs, and has very high concurrent processing power, so you can put it on a small server or existing service and build a very efficient system at a small cost.

Easy UI = more productivity

If you use the “autocomplete” interface, the
Increase productivity and reduce work hours Maximize user convenience!

A new paradigm for search & type

Respond to users’ various atypical search patterns
Client/server engine architecture for large data volumes and multiple touchpoints
Reduce database load to reduce system investment costs
Provide a convenient user interface
Provide location-based autocomplete using coordinates (store locator, delivery apps, etc.)
Ensure data consistency with selections, not inputs
Based on Java 8, supports a wide range of servers and OSes