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Editable dashboards

  • You can create different types of dashboard screens with the click of a mouse.

Fault Management

  • You can check the status of failures by asset, task, and company, as well as the status of unprocessed failures, and provide a systematic process for handling simple and complex failures.

Asset Management

  • Comprehensive management of assets under unified maintenance management. It provides asset configuration management, configuration change management, and asset history management functions, and provides dashboards by asset group, task, and maintenance company.

Manage Tasks

  • You can perform task registration and step-by-step task management, check the status of assets, tasks, tasks by company, and unprocessed tasks, and receive an immediate alarm when a task occurs, so you can inspect the progress of task processing.

Manage maintainers and users

  • We have an administrator account, operator account, and contractor account to manage our maintenance contractors, each of whom log in with a designated account to perform inspections, tasks, and troubleshooting on assigned assets.

Maintenance Business Management

  • Provides business management functions related to integrated maintenance. Provides processes for order information, contract management, task management, scheduling, quality control, and completion control to ensure that everything goes smoothly according to the detailed schedule.

Service Request Management

  • Performs the entire process of CSR, including registration, coordination, processing, transfer, payment, inspection, and confirmation of completion for the customer’s requested service.

Service Level Management

  • Implement effective controls based on SLA management techniques as a means of communication between service providers and customers for effective service delivery.

Inspection Management

  • It provides one-stop inspection management for maintenance assets step by step, and provides an alarm service to the person in charge through text messages and emails to register a regular inspection schedule, request occasional inspections, and confirm inspections.

Visitation/Time & Attendance

  • Visit Management provides universal visit management functions including visit registration and visit management functions for IT department visits, visit report functions, visit statistics status, and personal information consent for visitors. It also provides time and attendance and annual leave management.

Statistics and reports

  • You can generate and output respective statistical and structured reports on inspection and failure management by asset, task, company, and person in charge. It also provides a document management process for customer representatives and archiving and retrieval of documents.

Powerful integrations with other systems

  • The DataAdaptor engine collects data from a variety of data sources.