Solution architecture

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Solution architecture

The ITOM system implemented through the E-GENE™ ITOM solution consists of a management area for the entire maintenance management process, a service level management area, and a personalized portal and dashboard area as a single point of contact for users.

System Configuration and Services

The E-GENE™ ITOM solution supports both commodity OS and commodity WAS and RDBMS. You can customize and build it to fit your infrastructure, or configure it with your own bundled WAS and DB.

e-gene™ itom server

IntegratedMaintenanceManages, analyzes, and processes data related to assets, inspections, failures, tasks, and service request management.
It performs various functions required for maintenance management, such as providing real-time dashboards and failure/error alerts.


The data processed by the ITOM server is stored in the DB and file system according to the data type, and various data required for business analysis can be obtained through these data.


Manage integrated maintenance tasks from anywhere via a web browser.
Enables pharmaceutical companies in places to manage integrated maintenance tasks through a mobile browser.