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Event processing in conjunction with event detection tools such as SMS, NMS, EMS, APM, etc.

Event registration / assigning a person in charge and automatic notification / transferring other processes such as incidents / recording event processing results


Meet SLAs through agile response and handling of registered incidents

Incident registration / Initial response and situation dissemination / Person in charge assignment and handling / Diagnosis and action / Action result input / Failure grade confirmation / Problem management transfer


Reduce change-induced downtime with change control using the standard change model

RFC registration / Impact analysis and change type determination / Change plan registration / Change approval and CAB registration / Work order management / Test result registration / Post-change evaluation

IT Operations

Basic activity management and reporting activities related to maintaining IT operations.

Preventive Maintenance / Register and review weekly reports / Regular Maintenance / Register and review monthly reports /
Register and review daily reports


Efficiently receive and process service requests from users

Provides pre-defined Service Request Catalog / Request registration / Request approval self-payment module / Assign and transfer processing personnel / Record processing results / HTML Editor for creating requests


Identify root causes of incidents and take action to prevent recurrence of incidents and provide proactive services

Register Problem / Temporary Solution – Register Solution / Prioritize resolution / Transfer and follow-up change management / Explore root cause and solution / Link to Incident Ticket

Release & Deployment

Effective handling of releases into production and control over app deployment requests

Release Request / Release Plan / Release Approval / Determine and Register Work Results / Transfer Work Results

Configuration Management

Align with change management and release management Maintain accurate CMDB configuration information

CI information registration / CI information inquiry / Change ticket linkage CMDB management / Configuration audit result registration / CMDB modernization

ITSM Expectations


Operation Process

Deliver embedded processes that reflect the basic requirements of ITIL v2 and v3 processes
If the right standard operating processes are defined for each organization, the designed processes can be mirrored in the system
Intuitively understand the flow of tasks in a process and see the current status of processing


Develop and apply efficient processes with the web-based Form Designer
100% web-based user/operator/admin screen UI for maximum user convenience
Leverage process-specific default activity and field attributes and code definitions from best practices.
Affordable for a wide range of sites, from small to large

Flexible & Easy

Continuous service improvement for service management processes highlighted in ITIL v3
Ease of application of Continuous Service Improvement (CSI) activities

Support for efficient process change management with easy WYSIWYG changes and reflections of process improvement requests

Supports standard APIs for reliable integration with 3rd party solutions, including service level management.
Easy to extend to service delivery processes