We will be a leader in Service Management Enterprise Solutions.

Service Request Portal

  • Service announcements and User Self-Help Service using the bulletin board feature
  • Unified user request registration and intake management

Workflow Map features

  • Provide an intuitive web UI that shows the status of your work as it’s processed step by step
  • Autogeneration based on Activity flows defined in the Process Management Console

Process Management Console

  • Provide IT operations management process templates that meet ITIL v3 requirements
  • Leverage the WYSIWYG-based Form Designer for easy customization

Foundation Management

  • 100% web-based and easy to use ITSM system admin screens
    Provides user/workgroup/organization/privilege management and menu management functions

Service management statistics and reports from different perspectives

  • Provide processing status statistics and services by customer/department/component
  • Automated conversion of processing statistics and reports to Excel and PDF

Timesheet (Manpower Management)

  • Manage IT operations management work status records by person in charge
  • Provides a foundation for manpower management in the context of IT governance

Managing the Knowledge Base

  • Register and manage various IT operations knowledge
  • Provide knowledge search service based on keyword search

Notification & System Interface

  • Short Message, e-Mail, SMS, NMS, APM, DBM solutions, etc. 3rd.
    Provides a standard API and management UI for connecting Party solutions

Flash Dashboard with Rich Internet Application (RIA)

  • Ability to create and manage dynamic dashboards in Flash
  • Ensure high productivity and reusability

Software requirements

  • Java VM 5.0 or later
  • Oracle 10G, MS-SQL 2003 or later
  • Apache Web Server 1.3.9 or later
  • Tomcat / Jeus / Weblogic / Websphere support
  • IE 7.0 or later