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Powerful Screen Development Wizard

  • Develop various types of screens with the click of a mouse

Consistent Input UI

  • Easily create and modify UI for Windows and Web with Form Designer

Various Flash/HTML5 Chart

  • Various types of charts, SSD’s own unique charts, and Geo charts are available in the
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Workflow automation

  • Workflow Engine, which allows you to automate your business processes to the

Analyzing Widget Execution Information

  • Provides screen-level page view time information, connection DB type, and view variable values for analysis.

Support for multi-screen configurations

  • Configure a one-screen multipage to display the same data in a chart and grid in one area.

Powerful integrations with other systems

  • The DataAdaptor engine ingests data from a variety of data sources.

Modularizing metadata

  • All modules in the SSD are independently meta-informed, allowing you to make changes freely with meta-modifications.

What Slide Show offers

  • Provide a tool that allows you to set up separate pages for meetings and reports.

Export Component

  • Provides support for outputting not only grids but also charts to Excel or Word documents.

Business Sample

Software requirements

  • O/S : Windows,Unix,Linux
  • Java 5 or later
  • WAS : Tomcat/Jeus/Weblogic/WebSphere
  • DB: Oracle 10G or later
  • Browser : IE 8/9/10, Chrome