[Finance] Hana Insurance IT Service Management System Establishment

[Finance] Hana Insurance IT Service Management System Establishment

Client: Hana Insurance
Project period : 2021.7.26 ~ 2022.4.15 (9 months)

In June 2020, The K Property & Casualty Insurance changed its name to Hana Insurance as it was incorporated into the Hana Financial Group, and the ITSM construction project was carried out as part of the project to introduce a new insurance business system for the next generation, which started in 2021.
We blocked the text-centric request processing of the existing in-house developed IT business support management system and the occurrence of version differences in deployment/development sources, improved the computerized request process to minimize defects, and applied standard processes and third-party best practice practices in areas such as failure/problem/infrastructure change/configuration management/IT planning management/project management/service level management to improve and systemize existing processes to enhance user work efficiency and convenience, and established a data-based management environment.
This provided a standardized, consistent management structure and a foundation for improving IT operations.

Service Requests, Service Desk
– Refine and override request taxonomies and refine request forms
– Automatically assign handlers/approvers by request classification

Documentation Management
– Distribute unit-of-change sources (avoids issues with differences between deployment and development sources), minimize defects (adds peer review, part owner verification steps)
– Process progress and control in conjunction with shape management (Harvest), source impact analysis, source standard inspection, and source vulnerability inspection information in conjunction with shape management

Fault/Trouble Management
– Systematize by following standard processes based on configuration information

Configuration Management/Infrastructure Change Management
– Redefine organizational taxonomies, override administrative properties per taxonomy
– Apply the standard infrastructure change process for changing the properties of configuration information

IT Planning/Project Management
– Systematization of the process from IT annual planning to IT project execution to IT contract by applying third-party BP practices
– Systematize dedicated processes for IT contract execution and IT annual planning
– Apply controls to projects that flow from IT contracts

Service Level Management System
– Effective unified management and monitoring of service level agreements (SLAs)
– Collect and analyze service performance data
– Evaluate and monitor SLAs

ITSM portal, operational statistics, and dashboards
– Provides comprehensive IT service information such as announcements, service requests/computerized processing requests/failure/problem status, and my to-do/payment at a glance centered on the processor.
– Provides various statistical information on the operation status of each process
– IT Service Operation Status and IT Planning Status Dashboards