[Finance] KB Kookmin Bank The-K Project ITSM Implementation

[Finance] KB Kookmin Bank The-K Project ITSM Implementation

Client: KB Kookmin Bank
Project period : 2019.05.05 ~ 2020.04.17 (11.5 months)

KB Kookmin Bank established an IT service management system based on ITIL v3 from a business perspective for the next-generation project, and improved the foundation of the system linkage system to be monitored by strengthening the linkage between applications and infrastructure based on the improvement of the CMDB structure to improve customer service quality and work efficiency, and established the foundation for international standard certification (ISO20000) for IT services.

Managing service requests
– Improve user accessibility and utilization by reorganizing the classification system of service request types, and provide unified service request management through infrastructure changes and linkage with other systems.
– Automatically assign intake groups and improve service request handling with process branching

Event/Incident Management
– Automate incident management with unified control system-event-incident connectivity
– Automatically assign incidents for faster incident propagation and handling
– Avoid missed incidents by linking manually registered incidents to your observation system
– Make it easier for users with related incident linking and batching capabilities

Infrastructure change management
– Improve change efficiency by establishing a standardized and modernized change management process
– Minimize change-induced failures by improving quality control over change handling
– Prevent event malfunctions by linking with other processes (preventive inspection management) and integrated control systems

Manage preventive maintenance
– Enhance preventive maintenance management efficiency by implementing a standardized and modernized preventive maintenance process
– Improve user experience by leveraging modernized configuration information
– Prevent event malfunctions by linking to other processes (change management) and integration systems

Manage configurations
– Provide reliable configuration information by redefining component taxonomies
– Maintain consistency of configuration information by implementing configuration item update function through linkage with various monitoring tools

Modernize configuration items (with Point Solution)