[Enterprise] Hanwha Insurance ITO ITSM System Implementation

[Enterprise] Hanwha Insurance ITO ITSM System Implementation

Customer: Hanwha Insurance
Project period : December 2015 – May 2016 (6 months)

Establish an IT service management system centered on business, customer, and service value, and secure an infrastructure foundation to support the continued expansion and growth of Hanwha Group.

– In performing ITO services for its client, Hanwha Insurance, Hanwha S&C, a specialized IT company of the Hanwha Group, conducted this project to establish an IT service management system centered on business, customer, and service values by streamlining ITO operations and incorporating advanced systems for IT operations considering the characteristics of financial organizations.

– We established a productivity management system based on scale/manpower management and included it in the ITSM app change processing stage, transforming it into a structure that can manage development productivity through ITSM, and established a performance management system by defining SLA standards and building a system for evaluating service performance.

– Through these changes and improvements, we have strengthened the external competitiveness of our ITO operations and secured an infrastructure foundation that will support the continued expansion and growth of Hanwha Group.

Build anIT requestintegration that delivers user-friendliness
– Consolidate IT work requests that were previously scattered across groupware, payments, and manual processes.
– Standardize processes/approval lines for different requests
– Convenient request/processing/history management with personal inboxes
– Provide real-time request/processing status information

Establish a productivity management system forapp developmentchangesbased on size(FP) / man-hours
– Implement FP calculation for activities by unit function of development changes within the ITSM app development change process.
– Confirmation/revision of actual development volume after implementation/testing
– Implement labor management to ensure proper consideration based on actual man-hours committed in full time equivalent (FTE) based contracts
– Provides productivity information such as monthly productivity index, productivity index by task, productivity index by individual, productivity index by SR, etc.

Establish anIT service management systembased on standard processes
– Failure/abnormality/problem management: Implement problem management for business-impacting failures, abnormal symptoms for prevention, root cause analysis of failures, and items requiring priority management.
– Test management: Register/provide test cases by type for development change testing, and implement them in conjunction with change procedures.
– Configuration Management: Establishment of management scope for infrastructure configuration information that was previously managed manually and implementation of configuration information management system through ITSM
– Automation of operational support tasks: Provides registration/processing functions in ITSM for IDC daily inspection/work inspection activities
– Implemented various types of operation report functions: Provides registration/processing functions for status reports by TA/DA/AA/HD type