[Enterprise] Hyundai Mobis ITSM System Reconstruction

[Enterprise] Hyundai Mobis ITSM System Reconstruction

Customer : Hyundai Mobis
Project period : 2017.12 – 2018.7 (8 months_stabilization period included)

Hyundai Mobis implemented the IT Service Management System to fulfill the need for an integrated service management system for IT service resources and to establish an IT service response/response system that meets user needs. Through the establishment/opening of the ITSM system, we provided user convenience by unifying the service request window for all business systems, and improved service quality and user satisfaction by providing quick service response through automatic designation of a person in charge and the processing status of all service requests. We also strengthened the support system for overseas subsidiaries by providing information through horizontal dissemination and automatically designating and handling business support requests from overseas subsidiaries to enhance collaboration and convenience with numerous overseas subsidiaries.

IT Helpdesk Integrations

– Improve user experience with a single point of contact for service requests across all systems

– Automatically assign reps for faster service response and provide status on all service requests

Tasks/workChange Management

– Establish standard business procedures for IT-related task management and change management tasks

– Improved convenience by connecting with failure management (task management) and connecting with JIRA system (change management)

Enhance international collaboration

– Strengthen information sharing and prevention work through horizontal communication to each overseas subsidiary

– Strengthen support for overseas subsidiaries by receiving, assigning, and processing requests for support from overseas subsidiaries.

ITSystemize your operations

– Systematize existing manual IT tasks to increase work convenience and strengthen management
(Supplier evaluation, MCloud request, server inventory request, factory-related IT work, EAI application, etc.)

– Strengthen field management and support by systematizing field (factory) IT tasks