[Enterprise] Nexen Tire ITSM and Shape Management System Implementation

[Enterprise] Nexen Tire ITSM and Shape Management System Implementation

Customer : Nexen Tire
Project period : 2019.11.06 ~ 2020.02.29 (including 1 month of stabilization)

In response to the need to maintain an overall IT service management system in order to respond to the internal accounting management system audit, NEXEN Tire introduced ITSM and shape management solutions to improve the quality of efficient and stable IT services, and secured IT work efficiency and convenience through IT service management systemization and program change/deployment history management to meet internal accounting audit requirements.

Build an ITSM system
– Provide a single point of contact for users through the ITSM portal for easy service requests and request status/to-dos
– Implement workflows and automatic assignment of assignees and notifications (alerts) for each predefined request classification of service requests
– Service request management and change management processes are linked and detailed view between processes
– Provide traceability and accessibility to program change/deployment history by linking change management processes with geometry management solutions
– Provides objective operational statistics through systematic aggregation of requests and processing history by process
Building a geometry management system
– Identify the existing configuration management plan of the audited system and perform integrated management with new configuration management
– Apply application change management processes in conjunction with ITSM, managing requests through to shape/deployment
– Implement process-based geometry management and automated deployment
– Perform change control and deployment management and get traceability with check-ins and approvals from approvers.
– Monitoring results and collecting per-build logs for builds/deployments on systems subject to geometry management