[Enterprise] POSCO IT Service Management System Establishment

[Enterprise] POSCO IT Service Management System Establishment

Customer : POSCO
Project period : 2015.10 ~ 2016.04 (7 months)


POSCO established a new ITSM system that reorganized the current ITSM system to continuously reduce costs and improve IT service levels by applying business improvement results in budget/contract/settlement management and improving business management and SR management processes at a time when it was necessary to rebuild the SR management system developed and operated in-house due to aging.

Through this, an advanced IT operation management system was established by advancing the IT service management process in connection with continuous process improvement activities, and contract and settlement management was automated in transparent and accurate budget management, strengthening IT cost competitiveness through various IT cost analysis and inspection.


By applying the results of budget/contract/settlement management work improvement and improving business management and SR management processes

Strengthening the competitiveness of the IT operation management system by improving IT service levels

Key Challenges

– Build full IT budgeting/contracting/settlement functionality

Manage information linkage such as budget, supply request, contract, installation, settlement, etc.

Enhanced forecasting capabilities, including budgeting and payment plans

Minimize leaks by analyzing and checking various IT costs

– Information Business Management Expand your capabilities

Manage the entire process of needs assessment, prioritization, project budget management, contracting, production, and startup.

Organically align with budget, contract, and billing information

– Visualize SR processing status and performance

Establishment of SR processing system following reorganization of tasks and functions between POSCO-ICT

Enhanced metrics and reporting from user, worker, administrator, and executive perspectives