[Enterprise] Seanetworks ITSM System Implementation

[Enterprise] Seanetworks ITSM System Implementation

Customer: Seanetworks
Project period : 2019.09.16 ~ 2020.02.28 (including 1 month of stabilization)

Cera Networks has established an IT service management system for efficient operation management and planning of information system-related tasks, and in response to the need to improve the environment for objective measurement of IT service quality and productivity, Cera Networks has established an ITSM system to secure a foundation for IT service quality improvement and IT service competitiveness.

Build an ITSM based on the IT Service Standard Process Model (ITIL)
– Build ITSM with proven EGENE solutions based on the Workflow Engine
– Establish SR and change management processes in response to the External Audit Act

Measure IT service performance and lay the groundwork for timely SLA assessments
– Implementing 12 metrics with the E-GENE™ SLM solution
– Implementing four comprehensive status dashboards and reports with E-GENE™ SSD solutions

Create a knowledge-based operating system by accumulating and utilizing knowledge
– Establishing a knowledge-based process operation system using knowledge management

Build an IT portal
– Organize task content and menus by user permissions
– Provides SR status, my status, outstanding list, my/department status, process status, and today’s task list.