Established a IT service management system and obtained ISO20000 certification

Established a IT service management system and obtained ISO20000 certification

Customer: Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service
Project Period : Phase 1 : 2013.04 – 2013.08 (3.5 months) / Phase 2 : 2014.06 – 2014.11 (6 months)

The KFDA implemented a service improvement project to establish an infrastructure integrated operation and management system in stages to enhance business transparency and efficiency, improve the quality of services to the public, and advance the IT service process. The first phase of the project was to introduce/establish a system operation system based on ITSM and an SLM system for service level management to streamline IT operations for a period of time, and the second phase was to design an overall IT standard process based on the ISO20000 international standard, improve the operation of the existing ITSM system, and improve it to an ITSM system that meets the certification standards. Through the first and second phases of the project, we established an optimal operating process and IT service management system suitable for the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service’s IT operations, and secured the reliability of internal and external IT service quality by obtaining the international standard ISO20000 certification.

Established standard IT business processes based on international standards and obtained ISO20000 international certification
– Establishment of efficient business processes such as service requests, failures, problems, changes, and configuration management – Establishment of a full set of ISO20000 required processes including availability, continuity, capacity, business relationships, suppliers, and IT financial management – Acquisition of the first ISO20000 international certification in Korea in the health and welfare inter-public sector and securing the reliability of internal and external IT service quality

Build and improve IT service management systems that support standard IT processes
Improved ITSM system that fully supports the implementation of standard IT processes based on the phase 1 implementation system – Provided systematic status and change management by CMDBing the configuration information of the KFDA IT information system – Provided systematic control from request to processing for information system change work – Provided DB status information to support efficient DBMS operation – Provided PAL (Process Asset Library) for standard process management

Service Level Management
– Effective integrated management and monitoring of service level agreements (SLAs) – control IT outsourcers based on SLAs and drive voluntary improvement in service levels.
– Collect and analyze SLA performance data
– Evaluate and monitor SLAs