[Finance] Daegu Bank IT Service Management System Establishment

[Finance] Daegu Bank IT Service Management System Establishment

Client : Daegu Bank
Project period : 2016.05 – 2016.12 (7 months)


After Daegu Bank established its IT management system (ITMS) in January 2006, it was necessary to rebuild the system due to the difficulty of reflecting requirements due to aging and the slowdown in system processing speed, from an operational point of view, and the need to integrate the test system as part of the improvement of quality-related project progress and monitoring functions and the strengthening of test management by linking the test system.
Based on this background, we have established an IT service management system that will support continuous expansion and growth by strengthening process linkages based on the process chain model, improving IT work productivity by integrating related functions, and maximizing IT work efficiency through continuous improvement, ultimately establishing an IT service management system centered on business, customer, and service value.

Informationization Business Management
– Integrated management of all stages of the business management lifecycle, from preliminary consultation on computer development to the computer practice committee and introduction procedures.
– Business performance management in conjunction with project management
– Various status queries and statistics related to business management

Project Management
– Integrated management of all stages of a project, linked to information business management and reflecting quality management processes
– Implementation of project type-specific procedures and quality control through standard deliverables in accordance with standard management and development methodologies
– Implement standard methodology-based workforce and process planning, deliverable management, program management, metrics management, and general peer review, risk/issue, corrective action, and meeting minutes for projects.

Test Management
– Manage and monitor test performance at each stage in conjunction with project management.
– Register and approve scenario-based unit, integration, and acceptance test deliverables in stages
– Acquisition testing and organizational test management

CDP Management in IT
– Establish career development goals and self-development plans for each individual in IT
– Perform individualized competency assessments to check job certification results
– Manage training applications and approvals by department and individual

ITBuild a service portal
– Provide the status of informatization projects by IT Headquarters departments and the progress of projects for each project
– Provide IT work support functions such as My To-Do, IT improvement status, IT failure status, emergency program and task status, etc.