[Finance] Established IT business support system for Kyungnam Bank

[Finance] Established IT business support system for Kyungnam Bank

Customer : Kyungnam Bank
Project period : 2014.07.27 ~ 2015.01.27 (6 months)

With the privatization of Woori Financial Group and the separation of its affiliates, Kyungnam Bank was faced with the need to build and operate its own IT business support system separate from the IT business support system used jointly within Woori Financial Group. Accordingly, Kyungnam Bank designed an independent To-Be process optimized for Kyungnam Bank by tailoring the existing joint IT business support process of Woori Financial Group, which was implemented according to the existing CMMI Level 5 requirements, in line with the newly configured IT organization and division of labor, and completed the construction of an integrated IT business support system using STEG’s e-Gene solution. In order to efficiently manage the integrated IT business of Kyungnam Bank, in addition to the operational business areas targeted for the construction of a general ITSM system, the project management area where Kyungnam Bank’s own management methodology and development methodology are internalized was also included.

Managing service requests
– Implemented procedures for registering and processing various request forms such as service requests, computerized processing requests, and registration management.
– Implement service request management and IT investment management processes by project type as a pre-project creation procedure
– Unified channel for integrated management of various service requests distributed in each system according to the management entity such as sales office, head office, and IT operation department into the IT business support system.

Manage projects
– Master project  Sub project  Establish an overall project management architecture with workflows
– Implementation of project type-specific procedures and quality control through standard deliverables in accordance with standard management and development methodologies
– Implement standard methodology-based workforce and process planning, deliverables management, and other common project risks/issues, corrective actions, and meeting minutes.

Build an IT service portal
– Organize task content and menus by user permissions
– Provide IT business support functions such as payment box, service request, project, failure, problem, change status and announcement, Q&A, etc.