[Finance] Establishment of IBK’s IT Operation Management System

[Finance] Establishment of IBK’s IT Operation Management System

Client : IBK
Project period: Establishment of IT operation management system: 2013.11.26 ~ 2014.10.31 (11 months) / Performed stabilization and operation support: 2014.11.1 ~ 2015. 4. 10 (5 months)

In order to actively embrace changes in the business environment of the financial industry and the innovative evolution of IT technology, and to strengthen corporate competitiveness, IBK has been promoting the POST Next Generation Project to build a business hub since 2012. As a result of the POST Next Generation project, IBK converted the mainframe, the foundation of its main computer system, to a Unix/Java-based open system environment that can flexibly respond to changes in customer demand, and required an IT service management system that could efficiently support the new system operation environment.
Accordingly, IBK set the goal of completing the integrated IT service management system before the opening of the POST next-generation system, introduced basic solutions such as IT operation management system, end-to-end transaction tracking system, and preceding application change management system, and promoted process standardization, and established an IT request portal to effectively receive and process various IT requests from each department.

Build an IT portal
– My To-Do and Key Systems Summary View
– Enable intra-row communication with announcements, bulletin boards, archives, key task calendars, and more.
– Internalize 150+ different IT service request forms and handling processes
– Implementing IT Service Requester / Operator / Administrator Perspective Portlets
– Linking internal systems such as DA portal, PMS, daily inspection, IPL automation, PMS, IT asset management, etc.

Establish standardized IT operations management processes
– Standardize different request processes into nine standard patterns
– Scaling structure based on Form Designer and Workflow to accommodate additional request forms
– Implement standard operating processes for failures, issues, system changes, configurations, etc.
– Implement operational support processes such as performance improvement management, technical support, etc.

Connect with related systems to enhance user experience
– Integration with IT asset management system for consistency of IT asset information and updating personnel information
– Collect key operational status information and provide various statistics and reports
– Fault information Rapid notification of personnel Integrated event monitoring
– Link to IT service operation key status dashboard