[Finance] Hana Card SR Management System Improvement Project

[Finance] Hana Card SR Management System Improvement Project

Customer : Hana Card
Project period : 2016.04 – 2016.08 (5 months)

By performing computer development requests from current users through a quality-based SR management system that reflects an easy, convenient, standardized, and automated process, we aimed to prevent computer failures/accidents and improve the satisfaction of IT personnel and current users.

Hana Card has been building and using the SR management system since 2010, but as it left the basis for computer development requests and utilized it at the basic level for the purpose of managing SR, the process environment aspect, which requires the application of standardized and automated processes away from the manpower-dependent environment for computer development, the system environment aspect, which allows for easy development and expansion of new functions and minimizes maintenance costs, and the user environment aspect, which requires an intuitive user interface that minimizes user input and selection items and is easy to use, arose.
Therefore, by implementing an SR management system with a user-friendly interface and flexible application of changes to tasks and procedures based on standardized processes at the global level, we have secured a foundation that will ultimately support Hana Card’s continuous expansion and growth.

Establish a standard enterprise-wide service request management process
– Improve IT service quality by standardizing processes and reflecting systems for various types of SR requests such as simple SR, development SR, urgent/emergency SR, web reflection request, ledger change request, and SR change/discontinuation request.
– Implement separate workflows for the same SR by processing organization, such as card ITO, Hana Members, and requests from on-site departments, to gain flexibility according to the actual work process.

Gain scalability and flexibility with SRmanagement system efficiency
– Changeable structure to minimize hardcoding when changing SR procedures
– Implement screen organization and interfaces that are easy to use, even without training.
– Implementing an SR management system that makes it easy to develop new features, expand, and minimize maintenance costs

ParentSR -> 下層SR -> Structured SRProcess implementation
– Implemented a structure for issuing multiple sub-SRs to parent SRs and multiple work orders to sub-SRs to process development SRs, effectively reflecting the actual IT service processing procedure.
– Implementation of SR change/abort requests to prevent computer accidents by controlling arbitrary processing and arbitrary transfers, and to prevent delivery delays by eliminating SR processing delays.