[Finance] Kyobo Life ITSM System Construction

[Finance] Kyobo Life ITSM System Construction

Customer : Kyobo Life Insurance
Project Period : 2018.01.02 ~ 11.16(1st) / 2019.06.13 ~ 10.10(2nd)

One of Kyobo Life’s next-generation construction tasks, “Improvement of Development Lifecycle and Testing System,” was defined as the scope of the task including the establishment of IT Service Management System (ITSM) according to the need to maintain a new IT operation system for V3 operation. By improving the IT development/operation process management system for efficient and stable IT operation services, and maximizing IT work efficiency by overhauling development procedures and methodologies, development standards, and development support tool systems, we established an IT service management foundation that will ultimately support continuous expansion and growth for the establishment of an IT service management system centered on business, customer, and service value.

IT Service Development/Operation
– Integrated management of the entire development lifecycle, from requirement registration/receipt to development, testing, deployment, and deletion, with history and traceability of requirements and change resources.
– Provide linkage and easy access to geometry/meta/integrated specialized/batch/data change systems to ensure traceability between resources
Test management
– Manage and monitor test performance at each stage in conjunction with service request management and application change management
– Utilize test case POOLs to manage test results and associated defects per unit/integration/acquisition test based on test cases.
Defect Management
– Introduced a defect management process to manage the history of defects and establish a communication system between testers and developers.
– Register defects and monitor processing status by test case when performing integration/acquisition tests
Build an IT portal
– Organize task content and menus by user permissions
– Provide IT business support services such as payment, my to-do, request/processing status, service request, IT technical support, IT operation support, system shortcuts and notices, and data center.