[Finance] Laina Life ITSM System Construction

[Finance] Laina Life ITSM System Construction

Customer : LINA Life
Project period : 2016.06 ~ 2017.02 (9 months)

By deriving a practical IT Standard Operation Process in consideration of the LINA Life IT operation environment and implementing an automation system for it, we aimed to maximize IT operation efficiency and lay the foundation for quality management.

LINA Life introduced the ITSM system based on the need for efficient standard process management and control, the need for an automated system to support standard processes, and the need to integrate scattered SR reception desks due to the continuous increase in infrastructure size and human/physical management system needs.
Through the assessment of the IT operation status, AS-IS analysis and standard procedures were improved/established, and the system was established as a structure for deriving, standardizing, and integrating various SR types that are scattered.
In addition, in consideration of increasing information assets and next-generation systems, we defined a configuration management system based on EA metadata structure and systematized it into a system, and improved/implemented the app development change procedure closely linked to the geometry system, and improved/automated tasks such as daily inspection, work calendar, feasibility review, system monitoring, VIP request processing, and IT cost processing to support IT operation tasks, thereby establishing a competitive IT service management system that enables quick response and efficient management of IT tasks.

ITConsolidate and standardize requests
– Standardize processes/approval lines for different requests
– Convenient request/processing through the SR portal
– Provide real-time processing information
– Provide a history of requests/processes

Service Management Area
– Standardization of IT operation business processing procedures for IT service processing/management
– Integrated request management: Processing of various IT work requests requested by users (Helpdesk, IT security, infrastructure changes, app development changes, etc.)
– Failure/problem management: Systematic management by registering and disseminating occurring failures and linking with problem management.
– Infra Change Management: ITSM Unified Management of Distributed Infrastructure Changes
– App change management: ITSM integration and improvement of development change work procedures managed by the existing operating system
– Automation of operational support tasks: Automation/improvement of IT organization’s operational support tasks to streamline IT business processing

Infrastructure Configuration Management Area
– Build infrastructure configuration information management/control procedures and CMDB based on EA metadata structure
– Check the list of configuration information discrepancies by connecting monitoring tools
– Provide a foundation for managing configuration information from the time IT resources are introduced

Analyze/ AnalyzeStatistics Area
– Provide dashboards by type to check ITSM operation status and app development change/deployment management in real time
– Provide objective statistics based on ITSM operational data