[Finance] NH Life Insurance ITRM System Construction

[Finance] NH Life Insurance ITRM System Construction

Customer : NH Life Insurance
Project period : 2014.11.24 ~ 2015.6.25 (7 months)

In March 2012, NHLife, which was established as the life insurance division of the Nonghyup Central Council’s insurance division in accordance with the Nonghyup Neutralization Policy under the amendment of the Nonghyup Act, was in a situation where it was difficult to secure consistency in IT management due to the lack of an enterprise-wide standard methodology and support system to systematically manage IT resources and budgets, and was using the joint IT service management system of Nonghyup affiliates provided by Nonghyup Information System to manage IT service requests from current departments.
Through activities such as benchmarking the systems built by other life insurance companies in Korea and comparative analysis with advanced cases at home and abroad, NH Life set the goal of building an IT management system at the level of leading life insurance companies in Korea and launched the first phase of the ITRM (IT Resource Management) system construction project in November 2014.
NHL Life, which systematically redesigned the entire IT business process, including IT planning, development, and operation management, through the implementation of the first phase of the project, established an IT service portal to integrate the current distributed IT contacts into a single point of contact, and internalized the failure, problem, change, and configuration management processes to secure consistency in IT operation management. In the future, NH Life will also promote the second phase of the ITRM project, which includes IT planning, introduction contract, and project management areas, with the goal of establishing an IT governance system linked to the business.

Service Level Management System
– Effective unified management and monitoring of service level agreements (SLAs)
– Collect and analyze service performance data
– Evaluate and monitor SLAs

Company-wide standard IT business process IT service management system
– SR -> sub-SR -> RFC (change) -> Organize your SR processing with workflows
Organize infrastructure and program information as components in the CMDB to understand service operation status by information resource
Align with shape management to ensure program shape control through ITSM from the change planning stage
Apply additional service improvements and post-validation processes

IT Service Portal
Provides comprehensive information on IT services, including announcements, new requests, failures, and processing status.
Provides various statistics and reports on the operation status of each process
IT Service Monitoring Metrics Dashboard