[Finance] Samsung Card IT Governance System Establishment

[Finance] Samsung Card IT Governance System Establishment

Customer: Samsung Card
Project period : 2014.04.01 ~ 2015.03.31 (12 months)

As Samsung Card does not have a single system to handle various IT service requests in the field, there is no unified management of IT service requests, and there is a lack of linkage between business-related information and IT resources, so the need for unified management of IT resource information has emerged.
In response, we systematically redesigned the IT business process and integrated systems to provide integrated management and a unified view of reference information for handling IT business, such as EA and IT asset information. Through this, we established an end-to-end control and performance management system for IT processes and laid a systematic foundation for the transformation of the IT governance system.

Improvement of IT processes and establishment of IT governance system considering next-generation systems

Major Challenge
– Build IT Request Portal/Dashboard
– Establish process/baseline information (master information) change management
– Automate IT operations processes
– Establish IT reference information (EA/IT asset) management system


Key Features

User Channel
– Improves user convenience by establishing a systematic and intuitive IT request classification system and registering user IT requests through a unified channel, and provides information on the processing status of IT requests.
– Provides differentiated views based on permissions and manages regular and irregular tasks through Action-Item management

Service request processing
– Derive clear change requirements based on EA information when defining system change requirements and strengthen collaboration and cross-validation between on-site and deliberation-related departments.
– Maintain consistency between processes and systems and improve operational level by deriving change requirements based on the linkage information between processes and change targets.

IT Investment Cost
– Securing a system for forecasting information planning tasks on IT investment costs and improving the structure for handling investment/cost tasks
– Implemented end-to-end workflow monitoring of business plans -> investments -> products -> contracts
– Reduce IT investments between frontline and processing departments Increased trust through shared workflows and enhanced deliberative processes

IT Projects
– Defines project standard information and enables flexible project management with tailoring capabilities based on project type.
– Strengthen systematization and phased management of key project management items