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Cost and Charge to
Control effectively and successfully

Finance Management provides the ability to effectively and successfully control costs and charges for the Service Delivery area of a service. The Finance module enables cost management of IT service management for IT departments of service provider companies or enterprise companies. The Finance module provides functionality on two fronts: expenses and billing.
By discovering and pricing the cost elements of a service, you will be able to estimate monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual costs for service management activities. This helps service providers or IT departments build budget plans based on a transparent basis.

It also enables pricing for services provided to customers and enables service charging for IT services between customers and providers based on the services used.

Cost & Price

The Cost and Price model of the Cost Management module enables productization of services and price standardization of services by applying cost and price perspectives to the usage of provided services or activity levels of processes.

Define prices and costs for the following elements
price per account / price per devision / cost per monthly
price per service request / price per usage / cost per hourly


In the case of an enterprise business environment, it provides a chargeback model between the service organization and the service consumption organization.

Apply Chargeback to the following elements
price per usage
price per application deploy
price per development amount