Project to establish a service level management system for service level agreements

Project to establish a service level management system for service level agreements

Customer : Kangwon Land
Project period : 2014.01.07 ~ 2014.07.06 (7 months)

Kangwon Land has been hiring abandoned mine workers through human outsourcing contracts in accordance with the Abandoned Mine Area Special Act, which is supposed to contribute to the economic revitalization of abandoned mine areas, but due to the number of contracts for a long time, the efficiency of outsourcing work has been reduced.
In order to resolve these issues and create a foundation for win-win cooperation with partners, Kangwon Land promoted a service level agreement (SLA) introduction consulting (2013.5) for outsourcing services, benchmarked the application of SLAs in other organizations such as IT operation management, and refined requirements through workshops with key stakeholders, including partners, to establish a system to effectively manage the work of 28 partners in 33 services such as hotel and condominium cleaning services, security, and facility management.

The vendor outsourced Service Level Management (SLM) system was implemented utilizing our e-Gene™ Workflow and SLM solution,
We implemented service level agreements (SLAs) for automating SLAs, evaluation indicator management functions, a portal to support win-win cooperation, win-win program promotion management, and outsourcing service quality management functions.

Through the introduction of this Service Level Management (SLM) system, Kangwon Land is expected to improve the level of service provided by its suppliers by upgrading its supplier evaluation/management system, which will ultimately lay the foundation for win-win cooperation and shared growth with local suppliers.

Collaboration Management Process Automation
– Workflow-based business process automation support (for 33 outsourced services across 28 partners)
– Register and approve supporting data for each service environment indicator, service process indicator, and service outcome indicator
– Provide processes and payment capabilities from metrics assessment to receiving and slip processing
– Supports merit system functionality for earning points from 28 different suppliers
– Provides workflow monitoring and history tracking

Service Level Management
– Define service catalogs and manage SLA metric pools (715 services, 1127 metrics)
– Provide flexibility to change and easily adapt performance management metrics
– Ability to manage measurement history by metric and collect and analyze underlying data
– Report on automated service level assessments and view service level status by partner

Win-Win Collaboration Portal
– Win-Win Cooperation, Win-Win Cooperation Project, Information Square, Communication Square, Management Advisory Board, Business Support Menu
– Real-time monitoring of service level status based on roles and permissions
– Provide information to support your work
– Integrated monitoring of 33 outsourced service operations

Integrate with existing systems
– Link to existing systems such as portal (e-payment) system, HR system, SCM, mail, short message service (SMS), etc.