Incheon International Airport Corporation Tenant Support Portal System Construction Project

Incheon International Airport Corporation Tenant Support Portal System Construction Project

Customer : Incheon International Airport Corporation
Project period : 2014.10.08 ~ 2015.03.07 (5 months)

Incheon Airport has handled more than 230,000 service support tasks per year in various business areas such as water, construction, and electricity for about 40,000 tenants of 900 resident organizations and companies in the passenger terminal and ancillary buildings. These resident services were operated with separate reception centers for each task, or manual processing centered on offline documents such as official letters and applications, making it difficult to systematically identify and manage the status of support from the time a resident applies for service to the completion of receipt and processing, and there was an urgent need to redesign the entire process to improve service quality and monitor the processing process in real time.

In order to provide advanced tenant services worthy of the world-class Incheon International Airport, which has been ranked No. 1 in the World Airport Service Quality (ASQ) for 10 consecutive years, we established innovative measures such as integrating individual service reception areas for tenants and establishing a tenant service center to provide one-stop service, improving and standardizing tenant-centered service processes, simplifying application forms and processing procedures, and implementing the improved processes and forms as a workflow-based system in the Tenants Service Portal to secure an efficient integrated management foundation for tenant services.

The implementation of the resident service portal has enabled automation of resident service management tasks and real-time monitoring of service operation status, and the successful internalization of the PDCA Life Cycle-based service improvement system has resulted in quantitative effects of reducing service delays and reducing costs, as well as improved service satisfaction for more than 40,000 residents.

Build a resident services portal and standard business processes
– Resident Services portal for resident services support
– Workflow-based standard process for requesting/processing 31 types of services in 9 areas, including electricity, water, telecommunications, etc.
– Reports to print regular certificates and view work history for each service
– Collaboration features (Messenger) for service handling efficiency
– Linkage with related systems such as ERP and airport operation management system to provide real-time information on tenants, contracts, etc.

Resident Service Center dashboards and kiosks
– Dashboard for real-time monitoring of service delivery across resident service centers
– Implemented kiosk content to provide key information on resident services, such as 100 questions and 100 answers.

Implementing Service Level Management
– Manage measurement history by metric
– Collect and accumulate basic data
– Automated service level assessment reporting