Ministry of Education National University Resource Management System Construction – ITSM Part

Ministry of Education National University Resource Management System Construction – ITSM Part

Customer: Ministry of Education
Project period : 2016.06 ~ 2016.12 (6 months)

1. Establish a convenient course utilization system that enables real-time monitoring by integrating various scattered information by work.
2. Establish a one-stop business processing system without double entry by introducing a linkage system with internal and external organizations
3. define IT operation management processes to effectively operate and maintain the resource management system in the Chorus Operation Center

In order to build an effective ITSM system, the Ministry of Education operated a promotion organization including university business experts and university computer personnel to derive the optimal system construction plan and laid the foundation for building a system that is cost and operation efficient by considering organization, business process, application S/W, and information technology in an integrated manner, and defined the IT operation management process to efficiently operate and maintain the resource management system at the integrated operation center and implemented functions such as request management, failure management, problem management, change management, configuration management, availability management, capacity management, and service level management to systematically support the defined IT operation process.

Before the full spread, we had a stabilization period to verify the program based on real data through the operation of pilot universities and secure system stability, and even after the full spread of the system, we secured the support of construction personnel for a period of time to ensure stable operation of the system and quickly proceeded with system stabilization/internalization.

Request management (service desk)
– Implemented request registration/analysis/distribution/processing/inquiry/satisfaction survey and request management statistics functions

Fault Management
– Implementation of failure registration/initial analysis and situation dissemination/cause analysis/processing/approval/result confirmation/termination and failure management statistics functions

Manage issues
– Implemented issue registration/review/analysis/handling/implementation evaluation/approval/recommendation/closing and issue management statistics.

Change Management (Work Programs)
– Implemented change registration/review/execution/monitoring/termination and work program change management statistics.

Change Management (Infrastructure)
– Implement change registration/review/impact assessment/planning/approval/execution/results review and infrastructure change management statistics functions

Configuration Management
– Implemented configuration information review/information registration/approval/change request/approval/information change/result check and configuration management statistics functions

Service Level Management
– Service catalog management/SLA registration (by university)/service level monitoring/monthly operation performance report generation/SLA annual performance evaluation function implementation