Postal Service Business Information Center IT Comprehensive Situation Management System Reconstruction

Postal Service Business Information Center IT Comprehensive Situation Management System Reconstruction

Customer : Postal Business Information Center
Project period : 2017.10.30 ~ 2018.11.15 (12.5 months)

The Postal Service reorganized its business processes in accordance with the Postal Service Informatization Bylaws and the pan-government EA system, and established a continuously viable IT Governance process for end-to-end management of IT processes and informatization business life cycle, and established a unified integrated system based on G-Cloud to improve IT work efficiency and user convenience by streamlining processes and improving redundant functions, and to secure the internal and external credibility of the Postal Service.

Information Planning
– Centralized and standardized information related to informatization strategy and planning, which was distributed across multiple systems, into a single system
– Integrated management of the entire lifecycle from information technology planning to execution to enhance traceability of information technology projects and maintain consistency in performance management.

Information Technology
– Centralization and standardization of information technology business, project management, and information technology performance evaluation information that were distributed across multiple systems into a single system
– Streamline procurement and contract management processes and assetize project deliverables for greater work efficiency

IT Service Operations
– Receive system improvement requests from frontline employees and communicate results
– Reimagine your application and system change handling processes
– Improvement of EA maturity by linking with pan-government EA information resource management

Managing EAs
– Systematization and actualization of EA information accumulated in the IT governance process to improve EA maturity and provide an objective basis for securing budgets

Building the foundation of your G-Cloud environment
– Integrate existing disparate systems into a common framework and workflow
– Converting the existing standalone server environment to the Daejeon NIS G-Cloud environment