Public Service Pension Service IT Service Management System Establishment

Public Service Pension Service IT Service Management System Establishment

Customer : Public Service Pension Service
Project period : December 2015 – May 2016 (6 months)

In order to reorganize the process of processing informatization requests and responses based on international standards, the Public Service Pension Service first conducted a survey of the public corporation’s informatization request work and design of standard processing procedures, and completed a total of 94 designs, including program development/supplementation, PC management, and authority requests, and built an ITSM system to automate them.

During the stabilization period after the establishment of the ITSM system, the company performed work in parallel with computer processing requests and established a clear work processing system by procedurizing all information processing processes and managing history, and laid the foundation for an advanced IT service management system to improve IT service quality through goal setting and measurement of operational performance.

Process consulting
– Gap analysis and identification of improvement tasks against international standards and ITSM reference models
– ITIL-based process design
– Define a process scorecard

Building a Service Support Process System
– Configuring screens for administrative functions and user convenience of business processes.
– Service Desk: Receiving requests, categorizing requests, customer satisfaction surveys, status and reports
– Fault management: Fault reception and handling, KEDB search, problem transfer, monitoring and status information
– Issue Management: Request and receive issues, identify solutions/review alternatives, and manage KEDBs
– Change management: Change request and change plan registration, impact analysis, configuration status registration and inquiry, change type classification
– Configuration management: classification management, configuration history management, property management, group management, statistics/reports
– Release Management: Managing Release Tasks
– Performance metrics management: service catalog management, service level agreement management, etc.

Build a dashboard
– Provide IT administrators with IT operations information
– Keep IT informed about workload and system operations
– Customer satisfaction status
– Statistics for each process received/processed

Monitoring system linkage
– Automatic failure registration through event linkage with the corps monitoring system
– Automated notification of contacts and their ability to help resolve outages quickly
– Align ITSM Fault Management Processes