Seoul National University IT Service Management System Reconstruction

Seoul National University IT Service Management System Reconstruction

Customer : Seoul National University
Project period : 2018.01 ~ 2016.05 (4 months)

In the process of building a new next-generation academic administration system in 2012, Seoul National University established an IT governance system in 2011 and built the first ITSM in Korea in 2012 to accommodate various IT requirements with limited operating personnel and effectively manage the rapidly increasing IT resources, along with rapid response to failures that may occur anytime and anywhere. Since then, we have established a network resource management system for the operation of nearly 50 types of IT services through in-house development, and currently process 100,000 services per year through the IT service management system, network resource management system, and rental management system for the management of 16 types of IT services. In this process, a new ITSM system was built with the goal of improving the aging of the existing system, integrating distributed systems, and building an integrated platform for future expansion to general business services.

Standards ITBusiness Processes BPR and integration ITService Management Systems Rebuilding

– Automatically manage a total of 50 types of company-wide service requests by dividing the categories of service requests into computer application, security application, permission application, system improvement application, and helpdesk.

– Infrastructure(services, servers, networks, S/W) and clients(PCs, monitors, peripherals, IP phones, other communication equipment, etc.) were CMDBized, and based on this, asset management lifecycle of computer equipment payment , replacement , rental , return , and export from service request management to clientCI was implemented.

– Implementing an asset management lifecycle with infrastructure change management for infrastructure CI

– Organize infrastructure and program information as components in the CMDBto understand service operation status by information resource

– Integrated management of application changes in conjunction with administrative information systems

Service · Level ·Management System

Effective unified management and monitoring of service level agreements (SLAs)

Collect and analyze service performance data

Evaluate and monitoring SLAs

ITServices Portals

– Provides comprehensive information on IT services, including announcements, new requests, failures, and statuses.

– Provides various statistics and reports on the operation status of each process

IT ServiceMonitoring Metrics Dashboard

服务 Portals

– IT users in on-campus and off-campus institutions can easily apply for IT services and monitor them in real-time through their smartphones anytime, anywhere.